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Company Profile

To make it more accurate than anything else,
to make it more precise than anyone.

We, FUKUDEN are a professional manufacturer of Thermocouple Extension/Compensating Cable which is used to measure temperature by connecting Thermocouple Sensor and Industrial thermometer since its establishment in 1950. Ever since then our products have been always produced from a site of manufacturing in rapid progress and for all kinds' plants to support the economic growth in meeting the simultaneously new needs for temperature measurement and control The cornerstone of being able to have walked beyond half a century to today is based on the belief of "Accuracy and Strictness." Our products, indispensable for manufacturing facilities and plant facilities, are closely involved in people's lives and social movements, and moreover play a role in sustaining the future environments. Therefore, we take more account than anything else the importance to strictly pursue the fairness of public society as a public institution, as well as to seek the measuring accuracy for the measuring instrument. "To make it more accurate than anything else, to make it more precise than anyone" We will forever continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a leading company in the industrial thermometer industry, with the unswerving belief that has always existed ever since our foundation.

Osaka Head OfficeOsaka Head Office
Tokyo OfficeTokyo Office
Kaibara FactoryKaibara Factory
Nishiwaki FactoryNishiwaki Factory
Osaka delivery centerOsaka delivery center
●Head Office,Sales Office 1-1-5, Yariyamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0027 Japan.
●Tokyo Office 1-4-3, Kamatahon-cho, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0053 Japan.
●Kaibara Factory 18, Hikami, Hikami-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo Pref. 669-3651 Japan.
●Nishiwaki Factory 1348, Kamihie-cho, Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Pref. 677-0039 Japan.
●Osaka delivery center 1-4-17 Nishizutsumi Hondori Higashi, HigashiOsaka City, Osaka Pref. 577-0045 Japan
●Founded September 1, 1950
●Incorporated May 1, 1963
●Capital 35 million yen
●Officers Shusaku Akita, President.
Kazunori Itoh, Managing Director
●Number of Employees 80
●Bankers Joto Branch, Resona Bank,Limited.
Tamatsukuri Branch, MUFG Bank,Ltd.
Tamatsukuri Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Corporate History

●2017 ・Opened Nishiwaki Factory in 1348 kamihie-cho,Nishiwaki,Hyogo
●2011 ・Head Office,Sales Office shifted to Chuo-ku, Osaka.
●2009 ・ISO-9001 switched to 2008 edition.
●2007 ・Opened Osaka delivery center in HigashiOsaka City.
●2006 ・Extention and compensating wires ・Thermocouple wires UL standard certified.
●2003 ・Company name changed from Fukuden-shokai corp, to Fukuden corp.
・Tokyo office shifted to Ota-ku.
・ISO-9001 switched to 2000 edition.
●2000 ・ISO-9001 upgraded to 1994 edition including sales department.
●1997 ・Kaibara factory ISO9002 (JQA1883) certified.
・Kaibara factory extended, having new office building, and same time introduced INTRANET production control system.
●1991 ・Kaibara factory extended in the 2nd extension work.
●1987 ・Capital increased to 35 million yen with capital entry of Small Business Investment Co.,Ltd.
●1986 ・Opened Tokyo Office.
●1983 ・Increased the capital to 20 million yen.
●1982 ・Kaibara factory extended in the 1st extension work.
●1979 ・Granted with the type approval for Class A electrical goods by the Ministry of International Trade & Industry.
●1975 ・Newly constructed Kaibara Factory at Hikami-cho, Hikami-gun, Hyogo pref, and closed down Joto Factory.
●1968 ・Head office shifted to 4, Minami-nakahama-Cho,Joto-ku,Osaka
●1966 ・Succefully developed CNF conductor (for WX) with precision and accuracy equivalent to CA(K) element, which was patented with Patent NO.484201.
●1963 ・Amalgamated FUKUDEN GIKEN KOGYO CO.,LTD. and incorporated to FUKUDEN INCORPORATED. (capital 5 million yen).
●1957 ・Constructed Joto Factory at Minami-Nakahama-cho, Joto-ku, Osaka. Established fully owned FUKUDEN GIKEN KOGYO CO.,LTO. and started the full-scale production of instrumentation cables.
●1953 ・Started the production of instrumentation wires (thermocouple extension/compensating wires).
●1950 ・Established FUKUDEN SHOKAI at Kamiyama-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka. Started the distribution of vinyl insulated wires as an agent of Furukawa Electric Co.,Ltd. & Kanegafuchi Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.